Here we present a series of steps to follow to prepare the subject and make your presentation. The dissertation and oral explanation of a topic can be very simple if you put into practice a series of steps that are broken down below.


Collect all the necessary material. Search online, in the library of your study center and in newspapers or magazines.

Organize it based on a chronological criterion, this will allow you to process the beginnings or origins and trends, updates or more recent situations around the subject.

Discriminate and take only the information of all that material that is really of your interest and useful to make known through your exposure.

Classify taking into account the criteria of authors in position or disagreement and those theoreticians or researchers whose positions coincide. This will make it easier to establish your conclusions or your points of view.

Make some cards with the summaries of the discriminated material.

It locates all the necessary resources to elaborate the exhibition. This implies the laptop, the pointer, sheets, ink, laminaria, materials, books or any other thing related to the subject or that will help you to explain it.

Define the applications with which you will work your audiovisual resource, for example in power point, in prezi or others.


It schematizes the already discriminated material, this will allow you to later elaborate the sheets more easily.

Study the scheme. Avoid memorisations, on the contrary, analyze, interpret, confront the positions of other authors, synthesize your contributions or approaches.

Prepare your audiovisual resource. This must fit the first two points of this section.

Practice your exhibition with the audiovisual resource, make it timed so you can average the time and evaluate if it meets the criteria established for the activity.

Accurate your successes, mistakes, points of weakness and correspondence of what you say with what you show.

Correct everything necessary as a result of the previous point.

Check that you have everything you need for the exhibition a day before. Never fix the material on the same day because pressure, anxiety and stress can make you a bad move.

Save your presentation on the laptop that you will use. Send it to your email address and take it with you on a flash drive.

Print your presentation and make several copies or games, you will not know if in the middle of the speech the infrastructure where you are is without electricity service and … has no plant to replace it as an alternative.


If the audience is known, these other extended presentations when everyone knows who you are and the purpose of the talk.

Go straight to the breakdown of the topic and precise about everything you will talk about. Introduce, develop, close and provide a cycle of questions.

Announce your conclusions and show the completion of your participation.

Indicate where you can get more information about the subject.

If the audience is very large, pre-channel with another person to carry out the debate or cycle of questions. It stipulates a time for this point and responds to the requested concerns with clarity, precision and conciseness.

In case of being a small audience it leads the debate you, it raises in advance the rules of the “game”, this means that you define the way about how you will do it.

Last but not least, do not forget a glass of natural water, believe us you will need it. Before the ingestion, anticipate the interruption. If you use a microphone, avoid eating it close to this one.