How many people taking part in the dissertation discuss

The applicant must submit a dissertation and all necessary documents of his / her personal file to the Department. The number of copies of the dissertation is set by the Department. As a rule, the Department appoints two reviewers for the candidate’s thesis and three for the doctoral dissertation. They must have the full text of the thesis. In addition, a copy of the dissertation should be available at the Department so that everyone can read it.
The Department appoints 2-3 dissertation reviewers from its staff, who must carefully read the dissertation and the author’s publications, make a personal conclusion of the scientist about the possibility of putting the dissertation on defense. Reviews are submitted by each reviewer, in addition to reviewing the positive aspects of the dissertation and making comments, it should be clearly concluded whether to recommend it for defense or not. Reviewers jointly prepare a draft of the Department’s General conclusion on the dissertation, which is discussed by all members of the Department and accepted as an official document. After the meeting of the Department is completed, an extract from it is issued, which is signed by the head and Secretary of the Department. The conclusion is adopted by an open vote by a simple majority (more than 50%) of the votes of those present at the meeting of the Department.
The very meeting of the Department to discuss the dissertation is held as follows:
– the applicant is given the floor to present their dissertation; after the report, the applicant is asked questions, which he immediately answers;
– dissertation reviewers speak; the applicant’s responses to the reviewers ‘ comments, information about corrections made to the dissertation text based on previously made comments, not only by the reviewers, but also by all other members of the Department;
– presentations by members of the Department and those present;
– final word of the applicant;
– adoption of the final document.
The meeting of the Department is shorthand or recorded, reviews of reviewers are attached to the Protocol.
It should be noted that the discussion of the dissertation at the Department is considered competent to make a conclusion on the dissertation, if it was attended by doctors of science in the scientific specialty of the dissertation. The graduating Department usually has such doctors of science, otherwise an external doctor of science in this specialty is invited to review the dissertation and participate in the meeting of the Department.
Biographical information about the applicant is given: last name, first name, patronymic, year and place of birth, name and year of graduation from a higher educational institution, specialty received, last place of work and residence, position.
Then an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Department is issued. The date of the meeting and the number of the minutes are indicated, the participants are listed with the academic degree and academic title, the Chairman and Secretary, and the agenda. The reviewers of the dissertation are indicated.
The presentations of the applicant, reviewers, members of the Department and those present are briefly described.
Then the full resolution of the Department is printed. The resolution notes the following:
* recognition of the thesis completed and prepared for defense;
* correspondence of the dissertation topic to the scientific specialty;
* specific personal participation of the author in obtaining the results set out in the dissertation;
• the degree of reliability of the research results;
* scientific novelty of the research results;
* practical significance of the dissertation;
* completeness of the presentation of the dissertation materials, indicating the publications that are included in the abstract;
* the decision to recommend the dissertation for defense.